Turn Photos Into Wallpaper

Darren wrote this at 9:43 am:

Check out this for a great idea: Dave Banks printed a wall-sized large-format photograph to wallpaper his son’s bedroom. The result looks fantastic!

While you’re decorating your walls, check out the Wallhogs prints Trush made. Wallhogs print your photos onto vinyl backed with repositionable adhesive. They look great stuck on the wall, but that’s just the start of the possibilities.

If you’ve tried anything similar to these projects, post about it below!

Mat Cutting and Window Placement

Darren wrote this at 3:31 pm:

Joe Miller, fine art photographer, has a few good articles on matting photographs as well as tools to calculate cuts for the window:

While you’re at the site, have a look at Joe’s photographic portfolio. He mostly shoots 6×4.5 and 6×7 medium format, and has some stunning images in there.

Producing Your Own Photography Book

Darren wrote this at 12:49 pm:

Michael Reichmann from The Luminous Landscape is currently in the process of publishing a book of his photographs from Bangladesh.

He’s using 100 Books Publishing Company to print the book, and seems very happy with the price and quality, even for small print runs (under 1000 copies).

There’s a lot to preparing a book for publication, and Michael describes the process in quite good detail. It’s not a small project to undertake, but it is within reach for any photographer with a portfolio of 75 or so high-standard photographs and the money to back it.

Down at the bottom of the article there’s a link to email Michael to register interest in this book. It’ll only cost USD$29.95 + shipping and handling, which is a real bargain for anyone interested in seeing the work of a prolific pro. I’ve signed up for my copy!