Leaf Aptus 22 Preliminary Review

Darren wrote this at 9:18 am:

The Luminous Landscape has posted a Preliminary Hands-On Review of the Leaf Aptus 22 medium format digital back.

In this review, Michael Reichmann compares and contrasts the Leaf Aptus 22 with his own Phase One P25 digital back. These two products are direct competitors, so it’s interesting to see both how similar they are and how they differ from each other.

I’d just like to be able to afford one of these medium format digital systems – you’re looking at around USD$30,000 just for the digital back, before you start shopping for bodies and lenses!

Creo Leaf Aptus 22 First Look

Darren wrote this at 12:29 am:

The Creo Leaf Aptus 22 is an untethered 22 megapixel digital back for a vareity of medium format cameras. It looks like an awesome toy:

  • Almost full-frame 645 format 22 Megapixel back for all major medium format brands
  • Each back is specific to a given camera model
  • Huge 6x7cm touch screen
  • Completely self-contained with CF card and battery onboard
  • Optional 20GB Digital Magazine

Read Luminous Landscape’s Aptus 22 First Look by Michael Reichmann for even more to drool over, including sample images.

For more information on the Aptus 22 (and the Aptus 17, its lower-resolution sibling), see the Creo web site.

Oops, nearly forgot to mention the price. A mere USD$29,000.