Richard Sexton Visits Better Light

Darren wrote this at 6:00 am:

Luminous Landscape contributor Richard Sexton has written up a fascinating report on his recent visit to Better Light, makers of incredibly expensive large format scanning backs capable of amazing quality and mind-blowing resolution.

Better Light’s middle-of-the-line scanning back, the Super 6K-HS, has a resolution of 6,000 x 8,000 pixels (48 megapixels) with a sensor area of 72mm x 96mm. This one costs USD$14,995 – and you still have to buy the large format camera, lenses and laptop before you can shoot anything. The top-of-the-line Super 10K-HS scanning back has a resolution of 10,200 x 13,800 pixels (140 megapixels!) and will probably cost over USD$20,000 when it’s released. At that resolution, a single 48-bit full-res image will take up 1.7 GB of disk space!

In his report, Richard compares the Better Light scanning backs with 4×5 film and his Canon EOS 1Ds Mk II, with very interesting results.


It seems that the Better Light photos in Richard’s comparisons were down-sampled to match the resolution of the 1Ds Mk II, which obviously doesn’t do the digital scanning back full justice. Better Light (the company) has released a follow-up article to clarify things.