Agfa 14th International Photo Award Winner Announced

Darren wrote this at 12:08 am:

“Close-Ups”, the subject of the 14th International AgfaPhoto Award, was very much to the taste of our visitors. The call to “get really close” demanded intensive examination of the motif, its details and its possibilities – and, of course, the idea behind the picture. After all, perspective, composition, light and depth of field play a particularly important role in this instance. All in all, this made for an exciting challenge that was taken up with great enthusiasm by ambitious photographers around the globe. This was also reflected in the fantastic response – more than 19,000 entries that made this 14th Award the most successful and popular competition to date. Such an impressive volume of photos also made it a very demanding task for our jury to find, and award prizes to, the 40 best motifs.

Close Ups

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