iView MediaPro 3.1.3 Released

Darren wrote this at 7:12 pm:

iView MediaPro 3.1.3, a free update to registered users, has just been released.

Updates include:

  • Fixed crash caused by importing corrupt DNG files
  • Updated Nikon Libraries for compatibility with Nikon D80/D40
  • Fixed a problem where Nikon raw photos might not orientate correctly
  • Various Vista compatibility updates
  • Fixed issue with some .XMP sidecars not being recognized (Win)
  • Fixed problem where preferences might not be displayed correctly (Mac)
  • Fixed problem where Shockwave Flash files might not play
  • Fixed a few issues with Batch Rename
  • Various other fixes

Don’t forget, if you don’t already own iView MediaPro 3, we’ve got a special deal lined up with iView Multimedia to save you 15% off the normal purchase price.

Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 For Windows

Darren wrote this at 8:29 pm:

Now all those Windows users can see what us Macheads have been raving about for the last six months or so – Adobe has announced Lightroom Beta 3 for Windows. Download it now to see the future of digital photography workflow.

There are a few minor features missing from Lightroom for Windows that are present in Lightroom for OS X, but Adobe is promising that the two feature sets will match up by Lightroom Beta 4.

Some good places to start reading about Lightroom and learning tips include:

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Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop Adventure 2006

Darren wrote this at 3:00 am:

This looks like it will be an interesting adventure to watch – Adobe is sending a crack team of photographers to Iceland, where they’ll travel around taking photographs and using Adobe Lightroom on laptops to manage, process and output their images.

A dozen top photographers overcome the challenges of nature and technology on the assignment of a lifetime…

On the Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop Adventure 2006 Blog, you can follow along with the photographers’ preparations before the event, see what happens during the adventure, and get their perspectives and impressions of how things went afterwards.

This should be a fantastic opportunity to see how a bunch of top photographers manage their digital workflow, before, during and after a big trip.

The photographers include:

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BreezeBrowser Pro v1.5 Released

Darren wrote this at 2:23 am:

Breeze Systems have announced the availability of BreezeBrowser Pro v1.5, latest release of their image browsing and raw conversion software for Windows.

New features include:

  • Adobe XMP data can now be entered and displayed within BreezeBrowser Pro for maximum compatibility with Photoshop and other applications
  • input and edit XMP data in JPEG, TIFF, PSD, DNG, PNG, JPEG 2000 and raw files for maximum compatibility with Photoshop and other applications
  • display frames around your images in BreezeBrowser Pro’s slideshow
  • frames can also be added to batches of images using BreezeBrowser Pro’s proofs tool
  • simpler keyword editing for batches of images or individual images using the new keyword editor
  • now outputs Adobe PSD files (8-bit or 16-bit) in proofs and raw conversion
  • improved color for Nikon D200 raw conversion
  • updated lens distortion correction using the latest PTLens profiles

BreezeBrowser Pro is Windows based software developed and marketed by Breeze Systems Ltd. Available for US $69.95 or for US $89.90 bundled with Downloader Pro; the price includes one year’s free upgrades. BreezeBrowser Pro v1.5 is a free upgrade for customers who purchased a copy of BreezeBrowser Pro within the last year. Customers who bought BreezeBrowser Pro before 30 June 2005 and BreezeBrowser customers can upgrade to BreezeBrowser Pro v1.5 for just US $35.

Microsoft Buys iView

Darren wrote this at 8:15 pm:

iView Multimedia has been acquired by Microsoft Corporation.

iView’s founder, Yan Calotychos, has written a letter to customers about the deal. There is also an Acquisition FAQ answering the main questions customers are asking. Keep an eye on the iView Blog for updates.

Perhaps iView Media will become the Windows-equivalent of Apple’s iPhoto, giving ordinary users a great way to manage their digital photos right out of the box.

Microsoft is committed to continuing to evolve the iView products on both the Mac and the Windows platforms. Hopefully this will mean a wider market for iView MediaPro in the future, with the increased exposure and resources Microsoft can bring to the table.

Customers can continue to use and buy iView products knowing that they will be fully supported as Microsoft evolves the iView product line in the future, for both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Update: – Peter Krogh, author of The DAM Book, Digital Asset Management for Photographers (O’Reilly 2005) and iView MediaPro alpha tester, has written a pretty good analysis of what the Microsoft acquisition means for iView MediaPro users.

Don’t forget, if you don’t already own iView MediaPro 3, we’ve got a special deal lined up with iView Multimedia to save you 15% off the normal purchase price.

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iView MediaPro 3.1 Released

Darren wrote this at 1:41 am:

iView Multimedia has released a free update to its professional media cataloging application iView MediaPro 3.

Version 3.1 provides the following improvements and enhancements:

  • Brand new Notepad feature.
  • Universal Binary compatible (Mac).
  • Added asynchronous toolbar text search.
  • Added feature to automatically extend last defined thumbnail view field if space is available during printing. Field must be more than 1 line high.
  • Added feature to import/export labels in XML file.
  • Added Finder labeling in folder panel (Mac)
    • Folders are now displayed using user icons and labels as displayed in Finder.
    • Pressing keys 1 to 7 will set the label for selected folders.
    • Pressing key 0 will remove the label for selected folders.
  • Included some useful new scripts.
  • General Mac & Windows UI optimization and stability issues.
  • Improved reliability of folder manager in organize panel.
  • LightBox feature renamed to Light Table (for trademark reasons) now supports up to 6 images at once.
  • Incremental downloads (Camera/Disk/URL) now always start with a valid increment (Mac).
  • Corrected ‘manage color profiles’ issues with list of available color profiles (Win).
  • Corrected issue when applying metadata templates to newly imported items.
  • Corrected issues when importing/exporting XML for catalogs containing user defined fields.
  • Corrected issue with color levels editing dialog (Win).
  • Corrected issues when saving one or more files in batch edit mode (Win).
  • Corrected issue when importing HTML files (Win).
  • Corrected issues when creating capture date sets during import.
  • Corrected issue with Description field when “Treat captions as raw HTML” in HTML Gallery didn’t work.
  • Corrected issue with grayscale color matching (Win).
  • Corrected issue when Make Contact Sheet would incorrectly calculate layout metrics.
  • Corrected script issues, including when importing from iPhoto (Mac) and Photoshop Album (Win).
  • Corrected issue with dual monitor slideshow/light table (Win).
  • SlideShow
    • Enhanced Slide Show to support more than 32000 items.
    • Respects “always use previews” catalog setting.
    • Improved size and quality of export movies.
    • Fixed multiple monitor positioning (Win).
    • Added page up/down key navigation.
  • Metadata synchronization, all non XMP compatible file formats are now tagged using 8BIM:1060 resource (Mac).
  • Fixed crashing issue when extracting annotations from m4a media.
  • Fixed double rotation issue with ORF files.
  • Fixed XMP annotation synchronization issues.
  • Fixed long standing bug where some thumbnails were not build when importing hundreds of DCR files.
  • Fixed issue resolving catalog associated folders (download and version control) when sharing catalogs between Mac and Windows environments.
  • Ghostscript for Mac no longer supported.
  • Minimum Mac OS support 10.3.9

iView MediaPro 3.1 runs on both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

If you’re a registered user of iView MediaPro 3, download the 3.1 update now.

Don’t forget, if you don’t already own iView MediaPro 3, we’ve got a special deal lined up with iView Multimedia to save you 15% off the normal purchase price.

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Edwin’s Wedding Workflow

Darren wrote this at 1:35 am:

Edwin from CameraHobby.com has just posted an interesting article detailing his workflow for when he shoots weddings. (That site doesn’t allow the ability to link to individual entries, so if you’re reading this sometime in the future you’ll need to search his archives for the May 16, 2006 entry).

The workflow he describes is quite suitable for both professional and amateur photographers, and could be applied to any type of event or project shooting, not just weddings. It’s a fairly long article so I’ll summarise the key steps here, adding a little of my own clarifications. I think it’s useful to look at an overview of his process before diving into Edwin’s post for the details.

  • Shoot the event (350 original images)
  • Backup the original files ASAP (external hard disks, DVDs)
  • Edit out misfires and duplicates (250 images remain)
  • Convert RAW -> 16 bit TIFF
    • Use plugins and/or actions to process all images
      • Noise reduction
      • Auto brightness/contrast
      • Input sharpening
      • Color correction (shouldn’t be necessary if you shot things properly to begin with)
    • Review auto-processed images and manually re-process tricky images (10-20%)
  • Review TIFFs and edit images as necessary (minimal – the images are just proofs at this stage)
    • Fixing blemishes
    • Healing and cloning
    • Cropping and resizing
    • Correcting perspective
    • No creative edits yet
  • Final edit and ordering
    • Reorder and/or delete images as necessary to “tell the story”
    • Try to keep in groups of 4, either 4 landscape, 4 portrait, or 2×2 for nicer album display
    • Use a numeric component in the filename to set order (e.g. Wedding001, Wedding002, etc)
  • Batch convert for DVD slide-shows, proof printing, client’s copy
    • 16 bit TIFF -> 8 bit JPG
    • Full resolution
    • Highest quality
    • Tagged with sRGB color space
  • Batch convert for web use
    • 16 bit TIFF -> 8 bit JPG
    • Lower resolution ( less than 800 pixels wide/high)
    • High or highest quality
    • Tagged with sRGB color space
  • Review both sets of JPGs to remove sub-par images and rename/reorder again
  • Print proofs
    • Self
      • Print from TIFF proofs
      • Use Adobe 1998 RGB color space
      • Use Epson 4800, custom profiles, Epson Premium Luster
    • Lab
      • Print from high-res JPG proofs
      • Use sRGB color space
  • Burn proof CD/DVD (200 images)
    • Use something like FlipAlbum Pro to make browsing of images easier
    • Include full-size JPG proofs in a subdirectory
    • Use LightScribe burner for personal touch or print labels directly onto disks
  • Create and burn slideshow DVD (160 images)
    • Use something like ProShow Gold (Windows) or iMovie/iDVD (Mac)
    • Keep to about 6 minutes
    • Set to music
    • Playable in normal DVD player
  • Deliver proof disk, slideshow DVD, proof prints (if required)
  • Wait for enlargement/portfolio orders
  • Handle enlargement/portfolio orders
    • May need to do RAW conversion again with greater eye for detail
    • Do touchups more critically
    • Do creative edits (toning, vignetting, B&W conversion, composites, edge treatments, diffuse glow, etc)
    • Output sharpening
    • Print (Epson 4800 or lab)
    • Mount and frame or prepare album

For the wedding he uses as an example, Edwin shot 300 photos and delivered a 200-photo proof CD, a 160-photo slideshow DVD, a 150-image portfolio album (including two 8x10s), and one 11×14″ enlargement. He spent a full weekend on editing and printing, and required 32 GB of drive space to store the whole project.

A big thanks to Edwin for allowing us to look over his shoulder and peek inside his workflow.

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ACDSee Software Updates

Darren wrote this at 11:19 pm:

ACD Systems has released updates to ACDSee Pro Photo Manager, their professional digital photography workflow software, and ACDSee 8.1 Photo Manager, their personal photo management software.

The ACDSee Pro Photo Manager update includes improved speed and performance in RAW processing.

ACDSee 8.1 Photo Manager includes more than 50 feature improvements to increase performance and productivity and RAW support for several camera models including the popular Nikon D50 and Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT.

Both updates are free for registered users, and can be accessed at the ACDSee Support Center.

OpenRAW 2006 Survey Results

Darren wrote this at 8:45 pm:

Back in January I posted a link to a survey the OpenRAW organization was running. They were trying to get some solid data on how photographers are using their cameras’ RAW file formats, what developments they’d like to see in this area, and how they feel about issues like closed/proprietary file formats.

The OpenRAW 2006 RAW Survey results are now online. It’s a very comprehensive write-up containing a lot of detailed information about how all types of photographers, from Sunday snappers to professionals, use RAW file formats. The survey had over 19,000 respondents.

If you’d like to discuss the survey results with others, OpenRAW has set up a dedicated forum.

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Photography Software Updates

Darren wrote this at 10:01 am:

Several photography software packages have been updated recently: