Turn Photos Into Wallpaper

Darren wrote this 9:43 am:

Check out this for a great idea: Dave Banks printed a wall-sized large-format photograph to wallpaper his son’s bedroom. The result looks fantastic!

While you’re decorating your walls, check out the Wallhogs prints Trush made. Wallhogs print your photos onto vinyl backed with repositionable adhesive. They look great stuck on the wall, but that’s just the start of the possibilities.

If you’ve tried anything similar to these projects, post about it below!

3 Responses to “Turn Photos Into Wallpaper”

  1. Matt Trush Says:

    It’s a really interesting concept. I’m working on a massive connect-the-dots print so when friends come over, they can well, connect the dots….

    Great blog by the way…

  2. Gemma McDonagh Says:

    hey i wanted to design my bedroom with a picture i seen. my idea is exactly like yours when i googled it. I have a picture i want to turn into wall size how do i do it … it could be a design for part of the wall and i could use other ideas to work around it i just need to know how to print it on a massive scale

  3. Paul B. Says:

    If you want to see some more inspirational photographs-turned-wall-designs check out our site:




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