Graphics Tablets For Photography

Darren wrote this 10:54 am:

I was doing a bit of research this week, trying to figure out whether I’d be better off getting a 4×5″ graphics tablet or a 6×8″ one.

A few helpful reviews I found include:

In summary, most people seem to agree that a 4×5″ graphics tablet is best for photographers. Any larger, and you need to move your whole hand rather than just your wrist when working, which reduces accuracy and slows you down. A smaller tablet will also be cheaper and more portable, which is great for photographers who want to take their tablet on the road with them for use with a laptop.

For illustration work, on the other hand, 6×8″ or even larger seems to be recommended. This is especially true for classically-trained illustrators who tend to draw from the shoulder with larger strokes, rather than from the wrist.

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