Speeding Up Canon Digital Photo Professional

Darren wrote this at 10:08 am:

digLloyd has discovered a great way to speed up batch processing in Canon Digital Photo Professional on computers (Mac or Windows) with more than one CPU: DPP Batch Processing Performance Tip.

Looking at the CPU utilization graph when batch converting RAW files with DPP, digLloyd could see that not all of his available processing power was being used. They then figured out that starting more than one batch process at a time would make better use of the CPUs, processing the same total number of RAW files in less time.

This is a great trick for getting more done in less time, but it’s disappointing that Canon’s software doesn’t automatically make better use of multiple CPUs and/or cores. A little bit of software engineering would go a long way!

Camera Firmware Updates

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Several firmware updates for various cameras have been released recently:

Photography Software Updates

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Several photography software packages have been updated recently:

Phase One Capture One 3.7.4

Darren wrote this at 1:40 am:

Phase One has recently updated its Capture One RAW workflow software to version 3.7.4: see Capture One for Mac OS X and/or Capture One for Windows.

Features of this update include:

  • support for additional cameras, including the Phase One P45, P30 and P21, Canon EOS 30D, Pentax *ist series DSLRs, and Sony DSC-R1
  • Universal Binary on Mac OS X, running natively on both Intel and PowerPC processors
  • 15% faster RAW processing on OS X
  • 10% faster RAW processing on Windows
  • up to 200% faster capture rate

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Apple Aperture 1.0 e-Coupon

Darren wrote this at 1:18 am:

Apple has recently released Aperture 1.1, the first Universal Binary version of Aperture. If you already have Aperture 1.0, visit the Aperture 1.1 Update page to get the latest version.

This update includes:

  • Universal Binary (i.e. support for Intel Macs)
  • improved RAW image quality
  • RAW fine tuning (contrast boost, sharpening, chroma blur, etc)
  • auto noise compensation
  • new color meter
  • enhanced export controls
  • now handles layered Photoshop files
  • generally improved reliability and performance

In addition, Apple has lowered the price of Aperture from $499 to $299. Apple is offering a $200 e-coupon good on the online Apple Store to licensed users of Aperture 1.0. Licensed users of Aperture 1.0 Academic will receive a $100 e-coupon.

This is a wonderful move by Apple, showing that they are serious about the professional photography market and are willing to listen to feedback on pricing issues.

Download the e-Coupon here: Aperture 1.0 e-Coupon.

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Raw Developer vs Capture One

Darren wrote this at 1:07 am:

Digital Outback Photo has published a review note by Charles Cramer, comparing RAW conversions on his Phase One P45 (39 megapixel) RAW files using both PhaseOne Capture One and Iridient Digital’s RAW Developer: Capture One vs. Raw Developer.

While Phase One’s Capture One gives lovely low-noise images, RAW Developer gives more fine detail, especially in low-contrast areas of the image. So Capture One would probably be better for use in portrait and product photography where smooth noise-free results are favored, while RAW Developer would be very well suited to use in landscape photography where fine detail matters most.

As Charles concludes – the winner in this contest is the Phase One P45!

Other RAW Developer articles:

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Sigma 17-70mm Reviews

Darren wrote this at 11:17 am:

I’ve just added a new page of reviews of the Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 DC MACRO lens. If you have any links to suggest, please add them to the comments.

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