Big Discount on iView MediaPro 3

Darren wrote this 6:51 pm:

With the recent release of iView MediaPro 3, One Stop Under has teamed up with iView Multimedia to bring you a 15% discount on this fabulous digital media management software. That’s USD$169.15 instead of the regular price of USD$199.

This is the software I use for managing my own digital photos and video – what higher endorsement could I give it? Be fairly quick, though, as this deal may not last long – click on the banner below to buy at the discounted price of USD$169.15.

By the way, don’t worry about the version ‘2’ in the banner ad above – clicking will take you to the purchase page for iView Media Pro 3. I’m just waiting on a new banner image from iView Multimedia.

One Response to “Big Discount on iView MediaPro 3”

  1. Shawn Says:

    I can’t agree more, this is a great product. I’ve been using iView for about a year and have no idea how I could function without it. Highly recommended.


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