Canon SLR Beginner Site

Darren wrote this 6:44 pm:

Canon has launched a new web site, Enjoy! Digital SLR Cameras, aimed at helping new digital SLR owners discover the joys of photography and learn how to use their cameras more effectively. While it’s written for Canon DSLR owners, the site contains a lot of useful information for owners of any brand of SLR.

The content is broken up into 5 sections:

  1. About the D-SLR Camera
  2. Ways to Shoot
  3. Quick-and-Easy Great Shots
  4. Using Camera Features
  5. Printing Photos

Each section is further broken down into one-page articles that clearly explain the relevant technical information, and every concept is very well illustrated with diagrams, photos, camera setting information, and animations.

For experienced photographers, there’s probably little new information here, but it’s still interesting to have a quick look around. It’s definitely a site to bookmark for referring less-experienced friends and family when they start to get into photography!


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